Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Common Errors in ETAP

Recently, I had the good fortune to attend a training program on ETAP, conducted by Mr. P Nandakumar, a reputed freelance consultant and trainer of ETAP. The software is a superb tool for analyzing power systems of any complexity, but often it throws some counter-intuitive errors, which is difficult to analyze for the novice. This post is a collection of such common errors and the easiest solutions to them.

1. 1.  Error 2002 – The system has no energized branches

This is a common error while using ETAP for the first time, blocking out all calculations. Even though you might’ve added many elements to the layout, ETAP requires some elements, like a cable, line or transformer which has a non-zero impedance value. A circuit breaker helps to add more interconnected branches, but won’t solve the issue. If a transformer cannot be included in your diagram, you have to add a new bus and connect it using a short cable (say, 25, 50 m length) as shown below. This may be labeled dummy, if you like, and won’t affect the calculations in any way. This simple trick will save you from unnecessary hold up (about 1 hour, in my case!!)